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Founded AIHEM

USAT Inc.’s partner organisation, AIHEM (Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials), is founded. AIHEM provides the majority of USAT Inc.’s scientific support and a stream of patents.

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Founded USAT

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October 2017

Acquired Pilot Project IP

IP for the solar-wind technology acquired

Appointed Web & ICO Development Teams

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January 2018

Launch of USAT Website

Feburary 2018

Structuring of ICO Campaign Commences

March 2018

Planning & Development of IP Repository

July 2018

First customer purchase of solar-wind farm

August 2018

Pre-ICO Sale

More Details
December 2018

USAT Tokens Listed on Exchanges

USAT Tokens listed on 1 of 2 main secondary exchanges currently offering contracts


ICO to Close by end of 2018

Functional blockchain IP Repository storing all already purchased & incoming IP

Entry to Secondary Market

Q1 2019

First full scale wind farm complted in Australia

Q2 2019

Commence development of second patented technology in IP pipeline

Q3 2019

First of the scheduled solar-wind farm facilities built for customer

USAT Inc.’s first revenue generated

Commercial preparation for the acquisition phase of the second product commences

Working prototype of the second patented technology completed

Q4 2019

First scheduled buy-back event of listed USAT tokens

Revenue is continuously reinvested in USAT Inc. to accelerate the expansion of operations

Second scheduled solar-wind farm facility completed for customer

Sale of USAT Inc.-owned firm that holds IP rights to the second technology

Q1 2020

Third, fourth, and fifth patented technologies enter development stage

Second scheduled buy-back event of listed USAT tokens

Humanitarian branch of USAT Inc. formally begins operations

Q2 2020

USAT owned technology is first deployed in remote, underdeveloped communities


Perpetual development and commercialisation of IP that is beneficial to humanity


First government-scale solar wind farm facility built, supporting the energy grid

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