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Solar Wind Farm Project Overview

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What is Solar-wind technology?

Solar-wind technology produces clean, sustainable, and affordable renewable energy. The simple and flexible design makes it robust and means it has many applications, whilst its ultra-low cost makes it highly accessible.


The design is simple: the Solar-wind farm is easy to scale to meet any energy requirements because it consists of a series of clear tubes connected together, built along a slight slope. Inside each tube is a flat, horizontal plate that helps to absorb the sun’s heat and beneath this are tubes of water which help to trap heat and store it for use after the sun has set. At the top end of the tube, there is a turbine. As hot air rises, the warmed air in the tube has to pass the turbine to leave the tube, which turns it and generates power.

This simple structure gives the technology several advantages. For example:

A beneficial by-product of the design is that it collects water in the form of condensation. This water can then be used for agriculture or land rehabilitation.

Cost breakdown

Solar-wind farms can produce power for less than USD $0.03 per kWh. This makes them significantly cheaper than all other sources of power on the market. Though power-production varies depending on the conditions of the location, approximately 45m of farm are needed per kilowatt of power required.

Comparison of Levelised Cost of Energy

Energy Type Cost (USD Per MWh)
Solar-wind Farm Estimation 27
Onshore Wind Farm 59
Gas Combined Cycle Plant 74
Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Plant 79
Coal Plant 109
Nuclear Plant 113
Geothermal 116
Solar Thermal 124
Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Residential 158
Diesel Generator 316

* This estimate does not include the cost of land, licensing fees, or capital gains.
** Figures adapted from: Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC, Comparing the costs of renewable and conventional energy source, February 7,2015. Online retrieved on 1 December 2017. Web Addres:

The low cost is due to several factors, but primarily the extremely low construction and maintenance costs, combined with the fact that the technology does not require a fuel component to work.


The solar-wind farm’s design allows it produce power even after the sun has set, making it a very reliable source of power. Additionally, the flexibility of its design means it can be adapted to use the waste-heat generated by factories and industry and convert this into power to offset the operation’s expenses and energy needs.
For energy-intensive operations such as cryptocurrency mining, this makes the technology not only an environmentally-conscious choice, but offers an affordable, off-the-grid option.

As the technology requires nothing but a source of heat to operate, it can be built to suit a wide range of environmental conditions and space limits and still provide reliable power for industrial, urban, or agricultural use.

Humanitarian mission

For remote areas or countries with unstable infrastructure, Solar-wind technology can provide reliable, clean energy to people in need. Unlike solar panels, Solar-wind farms are extremely cheap to maintain and require no special technical skills to repair. They’re long lasting and hard-wearing, making them ideal for places which have low access to specialist tools and training.
The simple design of the technology means that just about anyone can build them, which means they can be built largely using local labour, thus creating jobs within the communities the technology is built in.

The USAT Inc. team believes that solar-wind technology has enormous potential to make a positive impact on the world: from helping remote communities, to making industry cleaner and more efficient, to providing cities with affordable and sustainable energy. Providing access to clean, sustainable, and affordable energy is more important than ever in today’s world.

IP Information

2017101410 - Recuperation of waste heat to co-generate electricity in solar-wind farms
2017100315 - A multi-layered structural material for conversion of solar radiation to kinetic energy of fluids

Funding and development by USAT Inc. completed: 2018
Status: open to buyers.

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