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The United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. operates as a digital incubator for highly profitable and novel commercial ideas. The USAT Inc. platform can quickly and efficiently take a product to market via a decentralised platform, whilst maximising returns for all stakeholders. Using a blockchain-enabled IP storage system, the IP can remain protected through all the evaluation stages leading to commercialisation. The platform has proven it can successfully take IP from commercialisation to exit with its flagship project, solar-wind technology, and will be launching its second project by the end of 2018.

Our Projects

Learn more about our projects, such as solar-wind technology: the most affordable renewable energy system on the market.

Digital Vaultz

The USAT Inc. platform can quickly and efficiently take a product to market via a decentralised platform, whilst maximising returns for all stakeholders.

About USAT Inc.

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“USAT Inc.’s secure IP vault will set the global standard for IP security.”

-Ivan Jasenovic, CTO for USAT Inc

Platform & Services

The USAT Inc. platform provides secure storage for intellectual property (IP) using blockchain-enabled technology. IP is also funded, developed, and commercialised through the platform, providing a path to market for highly profitable and ethical ideas, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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  • IP storage
  • IP protection
  • IP evaluation
  • IP funding, development, and commercialisation.
  • Sale portal for IP.
  • Ranking of service providers.

Introducing the DMAC

USAT Inc.’s CTO, Ivan Jasenovic, provides a brief introduction to the USAT Inc. platform, outlining the role of the USAT Token and stable crypto assets (DMACs) in the system.

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For more information about the USAT Token and ICO

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Flagship Project

Solar-wind Technology

USAT Inc.’s flagship project of 2018 is the solar-wind farm: a new renewable energy technology developed through the USAT Inc. platform. Solar-wind farms provide clean energy more affordable than any other energy system on the market, renewable or otherwise.
Solar-wind technology uses the sun to heat air within a tube. As the hot air rises, it travels along the tube and must pass a turbine to escape, turning it and generating power. It can also utilise the waste-heat generated by factories and industry to produce power. This simple mechanism has few moving parts and uses low cost materials.
It’s incredibly simple modular design is sturdy and low maintenance, making it highly cost-effective to build, run, and maintain. It can also be built out of entirely recycled materials, which reduces its carbon footprint to zero.

Find out more about solar-wind, its benefits, and applications.

"This is a high quality research program with excellent research projects."

A/Prof. C. Ghenai

Florida Atlantic University, USA

"Thank you so much for sending me the research directive, which looks perfect and very impressive to me. I strongly agree with most inputs in your research directive."

A/Prof. Y. Liu

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

"The Research Program is of high quality, very well formulated, and the desired products/aims have high chances to be achieved. I hope that there will be space for me and my group in the next activity period or even during the development of the activities presently taken into consideration in Institute."

Prof. A. Converti

University of Genova, Italy

Our Scientific Partner

One of USAT Inc.’s key long term supporters and partners is the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AIHEM). AIHEM is an international association of great scientific minds, with over 300 members from across the globe. Highly regarded researchers, scientists, engineers, and institutions all joined AIHEM to share in its humanitarian mission: to expand human knowledge by facilitating and funding research, education, and providing forums for members to meet and discuss solutions to important issues within their fields.

AIHEM is one of the main sources of high quality intellectual property for the USAT Inc. platform and its members also form part of USAT Inc.’s scientific board to evaluate IP submitted to the platform for development.

Learn more about AIHEM here

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